***Registration for 2019 and the Participant’s Portal***

By | March 8, 2019

Dear Participant

UK NEQAS for H&I would like to introduce you to our new IT system, the Participant’s Portal.

This system was created specifically for UK NEQAS for H&I to allow our participants to register and submit test results via an on-line entry system as well as to view results and reports. The system allows the UK NEQAS for H&I Office to manage participant information, schemes and distribution of samples, and assess and report results as well as manage annual registration, fees, and invoicing.

You will have received some system generated emails stating that registration for 2019 is available. Also, the system may notify you that reports are ready to view. These are duplicate copies of reports you will have already received for the later part of the 2018 distributed year. Please note that results have only been entered for the second half (July onwards) of the 2018 distribution year although performance has been calculated throughout 2018.

You will need to log on to the system to Register for the 2019 distribution year by the 22nd of March unless otherwise agreed with us.

The system can be found by typing https://ukneqashandi.naqoda.cloud into an internet browser or by clicking on the ‘Participant’s Portal’ link on the UK NEQAS for H&I homepage. The link will open a new page where you can log on to the system.

If this is your first time logging in, please use the forgotten password link and type in your email address.

A User Guide and useful information can be found by clicking the buttons below the Participant’s Portal image on our homepage.

We hope you enjoy our new system. Should you require assistance please contact UK NEQAS for H&I directly on +44(0)1443 622185 or by email on ukneqashandi@wales.nhs.uk.

Kind regards
Team UK NEQAS for H&I