Methods and Results Forms


As of the 01st of April 2019, ALL results need to be submitted via the Participant's Portal.

Results submitted via e-mail using the below forms will NOT be accepted, and they will be returned to you for entry onto the Participant's Portal.

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The below forms are available for use in your laboratory, and may be used prior to entry onto the Participant's Portal. It is your decision whether or not to use these forms - they may assist with data entry when entering results on the Participant's Portal.


Scheme 2A - Cytotoxic Crossmatching
Scheme 2B - Crossmatching by Flow Cytometry
Scheme 3 - HLA Antibody Specificity Analysis
Scheme 4A1 - DNA HLA Typing at 1st Field Resolution
Scheme 4A2 - DNA HLA Typing at 2nd or 3rd Field Resolution
Scheme 6 - HLA Antibody Detection
Scheme 7 - HLA-B*57:01 Typing for Drug Hypersensitivity
Scheme 8 - HLA Genotyping for Coeliac and Other HLA Associated Diseases
Scheme 11 - HPA Antibody Detection/Specification

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