Methods and Results Forms


UK NEQAS for H&I are in the process of rolling out a new IT system (Participant's Portal) that will include online result entry. Participants will receive an email notification with instructions when the system is ready for you to access. However please continue to submit your results via your usual method until you receive an invite to access the Participant's Portal.


Results Forms

Scheme result forms will no longer be printed and included in the box with distributed samples. Please find below electronic forms for reporting your results for each of our schemes. The sample IDs for each distribution can be found on the sample labels as well as the distribution/deadline timetable of our Participant Manual. Results must be submitted by the results deadline for each distribution.

Method Forms

Detailed method information is now collected on separate forms to the scheme results. This must be completed with the first submission of sample results each year and after any changes to testing methodology during the current year.

IMPORTANT!! - The below electronic forms are NOT online data entry. They should only be used if you have difficulties in accessing the "Online Result Entry" section. If completing the below forms you are required to send a copy to us via e-mail.

Click the link to the relevant form to open. The forms are in ‘Microsoft Word’ format which allow results to be directly typed into them. Once completed, please submit a copy to us. If you are unsure of your lab name or lab number or have any problems, please contact us using

Please check the current version of the form you are using to ensure it is the correct and most up-to-date version. Results submitted on non-official or outdated forms will not be accepted for assessment.

Scheme 2A - Cytotoxic Crossmatching
Scheme 2B - Crossmatching by Flow Cytometry
Scheme 3 - HLA Antibody Specificity Analysis
Scheme 4A1 - DNA HLA Typing at 1st Field Resolution
Scheme 4A2 - DNA HLA Typing at 2nd or 3rd Field Resolution
Scheme 6 - HLA Antibody Detection
Scheme 7 - HLA-B*57:01 Typing for Drug Hypersensitivity
Scheme 8 - HLA Genotyping for Coeliac and Other HLA Associated Diseases
Scheme 11 - HPA Antibody Detection/Specification

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