Results Submission


Online result entry via Google Forms is no longer available.

All results will need to be added via the Participant's Portal. You will already have your user login details.



Instructions for Online Data Entry

Scheme specific guidance relating to results entry via the Participant's Portal can be found using the below links:

Scheme 1A – HLA Phenotyping

Scheme 1B – HLA-B27 Testing

Scheme 2A – Cytotoxic Crossmatching

Scheme 2B – Crossmatching by Flow Cytometry

Scheme 3 – HLA Antibody Specificity Analysis

Scheme 4A1 – DNA HLA Typing at 1st Field Resolution

Scheme 4A1i – Interpretive HLA Genotype

Scheme 4A2 – DNA HLA Typing To 2nd or 3rd Field Resolution

Scheme 5A – HFE Typing

Scheme 5B – Interpretive: HFE Genotype and Hereditary Haemochromatosis

Scheme 6 – HLA Antibody Detection

Scheme 7 – HLA-B*57:01 Typing for Drug Hypersensitivity

Scheme 8 – HLA Genotyping for Coeliac and Other HLA Associated Diseases

Scheme 9 – KIR Genotyping

Scheme 10 – HPA Genotyping

Scheme 11 – HPA Antibody Detection/Specification


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