Results Submission


UK NEQAS for H&I are in the process of rolling out a new IT system (Participant's Portal) that will include online result entry. Participants will receive an email notification with instructions when the system is ready for you to access. However please continue to submit your results via your usual method until you receive an invite to access the Participant's Portal.


Instructions for Online Data Entry

We are able to accept results from participants using online data entry via Google forms. To do this, please click HERE or select ‘Results ’ at the top of the page and click ‘Online Results Entry’. You will be required to enter a password to access the forms, and this should have already been sent to your laboratory via email. If you believe that you have not received the password, or if you have misplaced the e-mail containing the password, please contact us using

Please be aware that online data entry is NOT currently available for Scheme 3 results, and Scheme 3 and Scheme 6 Methodology.

If you are unable to open/view the forms, you may be required to adjust your local  IT access/security settings. We would therefore recommend that you contact your own IT department in the first instance. In the unlikely event that we should experience any issues with the new system we may need to contact you to resubmit your results. Therefore, we recommend that you print and retain a copy for your own records. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Alternatively, our methodology and result forms are still available to download, complete, and submit via e-mail. Please click HERE or select ‘Methods and Results Forms’ from the menu above to access our forms.