Participants’ Portal Results Entry Guidance – Scheme 4A1i

Interpretive HLA Type

Interpret the Scheme 4A1 genotyping results to report the HLA phenotype at the split specificity level e.g. report the relevant number only for B*40:01 allele group as B60, DQB1*03:01 group as DQ7, C*03:03 allele group as Cw9. HLA-C specificities without serological equivalents should be reported e.g. C*16 as Cw16.

Please only indicate Bw4 presence when the epitope is present on a HLA-B specificity, (i.e. do not report Bw4 for HLA-A23, A24, A25, A32)

Reporting Instructions

  • Do NOT include the loci letter or ‘*’ (asterisk) in a result field, just a number e.g. ‘1’, ‘26’, ‘103’
  • Null alleles should be reported using the suffix ‘N’ e.g. Cw4N if a definitive definition of a null allele has been made.
  • For DR51/52/53 if a null allele has been identified, please select ‘Absent’ and use the comments box to indicate the null allele.
  • Report heterozygous results in numerical order, with the lowest number in the first result box e.g. 1, 25 or 3, 29 or 4, 17
  • Do NOT leave any fields blank (unless not registered for a particular locus).
  • For homozygous results please repeat the type in both boxes, e.g. 1, 1 or 8, 8 or 7, 7
  • Results entered elsewhere (e.g. comments) are not included in assessment.
  • Use the correct HLA phenotype nomenclature for all loci e.g. DR ‘4’ not ‘04’

For any queries with reporting contact