Participants’ Portal Results Entry Guidance – Scheme 8

HLA Genotyping for Coeliac and other HLA Associated Diseases

For each disease registered for assessment, complete:

  • The HLA type(s)/allele(s) of interest relevant to the disease e.g. DQB1*03:02, A*29
  • The HLA type for assessment, as reported clinically
  • Interpretative comments, as reported clinically (optional, not assessed)

Participants should report the loci and at the resolution they test and report clinically.

Participants are requested to report results using the correct nomenclature

Technical issues/invalid results (e.g. control failures, quality issues) should be reported as ‘NT’ (Not tested). Reasons for not testing need to be reported on the final result entry page. ‘Not tested’ results will not be assessed.

For any queries with reporting contact