You will already have noticed our new “Participant’s Portal” on the right side of your screen

It will be made available to all participants shortly, and includes features such as:
✅Result entry
✅Access to reports/Report history
✅Registration management/Information update
✅Annual re-registration
✅CAPA entry
✅Quotes, Fees and Invoices

As the distribution year is transitioning from “01st January – 31st December”, to “01st April – 31st March” (Financial year), we will be issuing registration later than usual (expected in February 2019).

Your login details will be made available once the system is ready to accept your registration, and a user guide will accompany the notification.


New Participants:
If you have not previously registered with us and wish to join any of our schemes, please use the Participant’s Portal by accessing the image on the right, and progressing through the “New Lab Registration” section (This is for Non-agent participants only).

Further information is available on request. Please contact us using